About Netservers

Netservers was founded in 1993 under the name Cambridge Computer Centre. In 1998 the trading name of Netservers was adopted for the sale of Internet related products and services.

During the twenty years Netservers has been in business the company has:

  • Established an Internet services business with Open Source Technologies at the core. We have developed out own web-based management system.
  • Developed an innovative firewall and network management system called FireRack. FireRack was initially developed for securing co-location networks, but was also quickly adapted for use in other environments.
  • Deployed FireRack at hundereds of site across the UK, at over 10 sites within Cambridge University, and in numerous datacenters in both the UK and USA.
  • Developed our own ADSL hosting platform.
  • Rolled out our innovative private ADSL product nationwide.

Open Source

Netservers have a strong commitment to open source software. We use it extensively in our both our FireRack firewall and hosting platform. An important part of our commitment to open source is that we give back bug-fixes and modifications we have made to the open source community. We have contributed bug-fixes that have made it into mainstream projects, including the Linux kernel itself. You can read more about this on our GPL Software page.