FireRack Dual-Mini - ADSL2+ Router / Firewall

Bonded ADSL RouterThe FireRack Dual-Mini is a firewall/router designed for bonding two ADSL/ADSL2+ lines.

Hardware Specification

  • AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor
  • 512MB DDR400 RAM
  • 2 x ADSL2+ Ports
  • 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • 2 x USB ports (one external)
  • Mini PCI socket
  • Compact Flash socket
  • RS-232 Serial

Industry standard line bonding

Although most of our customers use the FireRack Dual-Mini on the Netservers ADSL network, the device itself is compatible with any ADSL service that supports the industry standard Multilink-PPP protocol (MLPPP). This is the very same protocol used by Cisco and other standards compliant routers.

Annex-A and Annex-M support

Up until relatively recently, all ADSL in the UK was "Annex-A". This provides up to 24Mbps download and up to 1.3Mbps upload rates. The difference with Annex-M is that the upload rates can go as high as 2.5Mbps. This is done by trading some of your download bandwidth for additional upload bandwidth.

Comparing Annex-A to Annex-M
  Max. Download Rate
(per line)
Max. Upload Rate
(per line)
Annex-A 24Mbps 1.3Mbps
Annex-M 16Mbps


The FireRack Dual-Mini fully supports both Annex-A and Annex-M standards.